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A former RCMP student constable, Joel Etienne is currently a Senior Partner in a full-service law firm that employs over 20 people in York Centre. He has defended human rights in Canada and internationally.

Among his many community activities, Joel serves as President of a Synagogue and is a UJA Advisory Council Member. In 2018-19, he was awarded Lion of the Year from his Lion’s club chapter. Joel is an executive producer and co-creator of last year’s new television mini-series, “The Rising Suns”, with an award-winning cast.

Born and raised in New Brunswick, Joel’s father was a political exile from Haiti, and his maternal grandparents were resistance fighters who fought the Nazis in France during World War II. Joel moved to Toronto in 1998 and is married with two beautiful children.

As a lifelong Conservative who has volunteered for countless campaigns, Joel understands that Canadians face daunting challenges in dealing with the pandemic, health care, economy, education, employment, foreign affairs, and public safety.

It is his desire to help, that keeps bringing him back to seek opportunities to represent his fellow Canadians, with integrity, dedication, and respect.

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